This site provides an interface to Goddard's Planetary Spectrum Generator (PSG), which can be used to generate high-resolution spectra of planetary bodies (e.g., planets, moons, comets, exoplanets). The spectroscopic suite can be also accessed remotely via the Application Program Interface (API). When requiring help on a specific input parameter, please click on the Help icon.

Calculation template Help
Target and geometry HelpTarget: Earth for date (2016/05/30 19:15 UT); geometry: LookingSolar from 0.12 km.
Atmosphere and surface HelpSurface pressure: 9.9688e-01 bar; Molecular weight: 28.97 g/mol; Atmospheric profile: Earth at 119 m, NASA/MERRA2 2016/05/30; Gases: H2O,CO2,CH4; Surface temperature: 287.5700 K; Albedo: 0.3000; Emissivity: 0.7000;
Instrument parameters HelpWavelength range 1.640147-1.640546 um with a resolution of 3.0000e-06 um. Molecular radiative-transfer enabled; Continuum flux module enabled;


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