This site provides an interface to Goddard's Planetary Spectrum Generator (PSG), which can be used to generate high-resolution spectra of planetary bodies (e.g., planets, moons, comets, exoplanets). The spectroscopic suite can be also accessed remotely via the Application Program Interface (API). When requiring help on a specific input parameter, please click on the Help icon.

Calculation template Help
Target and geometry HelpTarget: Earth for date (2016/05/30 19:15 UT); geometry: LookingSolar from 0.12 km.
Atmosphere and surface HelpSurface pressure: 9.9688e-01 bar; Molecular weight: 28.97 g/mol; Atmospheric profile: Earth at 119 m, NASA/MERRA2 2016/05/30; Gases: H2O,CO2,CH4; Surface temperature: 287.5700 K; Albedo: 0.3000; Emissivity: 0.7000;
Instrument parameters HelpWavelength range 1.640147-1.640546 um with a resolution of 3.0000e-06 um. Molecular radiative-transfer enabled; Continuum flux module enabled;


Properties of the atmosphere and the surface

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Temperature profile     
Chemistry       Log10 of planet metallicity (dex, -1.0 to 3.0):
Surface pressure [bar] (0.008 to 90):    Ammount of CO2:
Oceanic coverage [%] (0 to 100):    Global Equivalent Layer (GEL) of liquid water [m] (0 to 2000):
Surface pressure:          mv=12.0   FOMIR=1.0  FOMRadio=1.0
Mean molecular weight [g/mol]:   Escape velocity [m/s]: 11175

Type: LBL only
Abundance:    Lifetime[s]:

Type: LBL only
Abundance:    Lifetime[s]:

Type: LBL only
Abundance:    Lifetime[s]:

Atmospheric scattering aerosols Help    

Vertical profile with 72 layers (Earth at 119 m, NASA/MERRA2 2016/05/30)
Column2.120e+29 m-2Col mass1.020e+4 kg/m2H2O  0.213 %CO2  379.500 ppm
O3  0.483 ppmN2O  0.272 ppmCO  0.108 ppmCH4  1.561 ppm
O2  20.900 %NO  0.420 ppbSO2  0.131 ppbNO2  0.302 ppb
NH3  0.206 ppbHNO3  0.513 ppbOH  4.688 pptHF  14.516 ppt
HCl  0.363 ppbHBr  1.731 pptHI  3.000 pptClO  7.621 ppt
OCS  0.506 ppbH2CO  0.303 ppbHOCl  16.621 pptN2  78.100 %
HCN  0.157 ppbCH3Cl  0.573 ppbH2O2  0.127 ppbC2H2  59.970 ppt
C2H6  1.528 ppbPH3  0.000 %WaterIce  1.035 ppb
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Surface / Template properties Help           (Tequilibrium ~ 277K)
Temperature [K]:    Albedo:    Emissivity:    g(H-G):      Dust: