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Planet Mars
Geometry: Mars measured via Observatory from 1.3388 AU for date (2014/01/03 14:45 UT) Change Object
Atmosphere and surface: Surface pressure: 5.5071e+00 mbar; Molecular weight: 43.65 g/mol; Gases: CO2,H2O; Surface temperature: 269.7800 K; Albedo: 0.2853; Emissivity: 0.7147; Surface components: MARS; Change Composition
Instrument parameters: Measurement range 2702.561073-2742.447073 cm with a resolution of 32000 RP. Molecular signatures included; Continuum/background fluxes enabled; Change Instrument
Atmosphere Help   
Surface pressure          mv=12.0   FOMIR=1.0  FOMRadio=1.0
Mean molecular weight [g/mol]   Escape velocity [m/s]: 5014

Type LBL only
Abundance    Lifetime

Type LBL only
Abundance    Lifetime

ProcessesHelp:      Rayleigh Refraction CIA_all UV_all
Atmospheric scattering aerosols Help     Stream-pairs (NMAX) / phase LMAX  
Type    4:SCAL
Abundance        Radius [reff]  

Type    4:SCAL
Abundance        Radius [reff]  

Vertical profile with 49 layers (MCD-5.3 [Millour+2015] -85.5,23.1)
Column2.070e+27 m-2Col mass1.501e+2 kg/m2CO2  96.547 %N2  1.603 %
O2  0.122 %CO  651.264 ppmH2O  232.247 ppmO3  11.534 ppb
Dust  2.671 ppmWaterIce  2.181 ppmDust
1.569 umWaterIce
13.858 um
Name    Value    Location, p-range [bar]:
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Phase:   C0,C1,A1,A2,A3,A4             
Mixing:   γ: 

Opposition surge scaler (BSO): 
Opposition surge width (hS): 
Roughness mean slope (θ degree): 
Filling factor (Φ): 
Coherent backscattering scaler (BCO): 
Coherent backscattering width (hC): 

Wind speed (Uwind m/s): 
Temperature [K]    Albedo       Emissivity     Dust

Type: 4:SCAL
Abundance    Thickness [um]