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Geometry: Earth measured via LookingSolar from 0.0 km for date (2016/05/30 19:15 UT) Change Object
Atmosphere and surface: Surface pressure: 1.0 bar; Molecular weight: 29.0 g/mol; Atmospheric temperature: 300 K; Surface temperature: 300 K; Albedo: 0.2; Emissivity: 0.8; Change Composition
Instrument parameters: Measurement range 1.640163-1.640530 um with a resolution of 3.0000e-06 um. Molecular signatures included; Continuum/background fluxes enabled; Change Instrument
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Surface pressure    Temperature [K]:       mv=12.0   FOMIR=1.0  FOMRadio=1.0
Mean molecular weight [g/mol]   Escape velocity [m/s]: 11171
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Surface properties Help           Tequilibrium ~ 279K
Temperature [K]    Albedo    Emissivity    g(H-G)     Dust