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This is the ExoPSG application, an interface tailored for the exoplanetary community to easily and quickly input the main parameters for any exoplanetary simulation. ExoPSG which can be used to generate high-resolution spectra of exoplanets, while the general PSG spectroscopic suite can be also accessed remotely via the Application Program Interface (API). When requiring help on a specific input parameter, please click on the Help icon. Developed by Yoni Brande, Geronimo Villanueva, Avi Mandell, Eric Lopez and the EMAC team.

Target and Geometry Parameters

Exoplanet Help  
Stellar Temperature (K): Stellar Radius (Rsun):
Distance (pc): Planet Density (g/cm3):
Planet Radius (Rearth): Semimajor Axis (AU):
Primary transit (phase:180)     Secondary transit (phase:0)     Opposition / coronagraphy (phase:90)


Atmosphere and surface parameters

Atmosphere / surface Help    
Surface pressure:    Temperature [K]:
Surface temperature [K]:    Albedo:   


Instrument parameters

Telescope / instrument Help  
Frequency/wavelength range:    Resolution:
Radiation units: Help    Log plot
Telescope parametersHelp
Beam [FWHM]:    Diameter [m, effective]:
Noise Help Time per exposure [s]:   Number of exposures: